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Cellphones, cameras and other recording devices are not allowed.

Who are we?

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 321 Slammer is a one-of-a-kind private club for gay men (biologically male only). We feature public and private play areas, slings, glory holes, a BYOB bar, outdoor patio area and more. We're working very hard to improve our facilities and develop an even better and more unique experience for all of our members.

Our club is not a sauna or bath house and does not provide showers, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, etc. No towels are provided. Rooms are not assigned, but are available on a first-come basis and do not have beds or linens. Lockers are available for rental. Locks are built in and you'll receive a key when you request a locker rental when you sign in.

How Does Our BYOB Bar Work?

We DO NOT sell alcoholic beverages. If you wish to drink alcohol, you may bring your own. We do sell a selection of soda, bottled water, Gatorade, Red Bull and snacks. Other than alcohol, no other food or beverages may be brought into the club.

If you choose to bring alcohol to drink during your visit, it must be in its original, unopened container and must be checked in at the front window prior to entry. You may not take any alcoholic beverages with you when you leave our facility. If you purchase a one-time membership, any alcohol remaining when you leave will be disposed of at the end of the night. If you have a three-month membership card, hard liquor (i.e. rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, etc) will be kept for you at the bar for the duration of your membership. All wine, beer and similar beverages remaining will be disposed of at the end of each night.

Smoking is allowed at the bar and on the outside patio only. The rest of the building is non-smoking. Beginning on April 15, 2017, our entire building will be non-smoking. A smoking lounge will be available outside, on the patio area adjacent to the bar.

Recent, Upcoming & Ongoing Projects

We are currently constructing a new smoking lounge on our outdoor patio. Beginning April 15, 2017, all of our indoor areas will be non-smoking. Smoking will only be allowed in the smoking lounge. It will feature benches, bar-height tables with stools, padded tables for outdoor play, and unique design elements to enhance the ambience of the area.

Our back play room and glory hole area will soon be called The Meat Packing District. Be on the lookout for new signage, better lighting and some other changes that will make this area even more popular than it already is.

The process of upgrading and changing lighting throughout the club is ongoing. Outdoor building lighting, parking area lighting and lighting in hallways and some rooms is being be changed to provide a better experience. There will always be several dark public and private rooms for those who enjoy them.

We've recently re-painted our lockers and added new, easier-to-read numbering on each one. New lighting is being planned for the area along with expanded locker availability. Be on the lookout for further improvements.

We have video monitors in several locations, including a large, movie-like screen in our fireplace room. We show a huge variety of videos so there's certain to be something for everyone. We'll be continually adding videos to keep the content fresh, exciting and HOT!

We currently offer a 321 hat and a black logo t-shirt for sale in our lobby at $20 each. More merchandise is planned, including some that will be available online for purchase.

What Members Say About Us

Our members make all the difference! Some of the hottest men locally, nationally and from abroad visit us regularly. Here's what some of them have to say about their visits to 321 Slammer:

I'm 26 and I've been to a fair amount of places like this. This one is my ALL time fav. Can't wait to go back to see u guys ... It's kinda hardcore once you get in but then walking around it was fine.

Drew, Atlanta, GA

Slammer is a wonderful refuge for the sexually adventurous. My last visit was last night and it was packed with a wide variety of men. Young, old, thin, chunky, hunky, of all races and sizes. The bathrooms are perfect for washing frequently, with low, large trough sinks.

Clarence, West Palm Beach, FL

It's sleazy, but in a good way. I always have a great time at 321. The staff is great and whether you just want to have a drink at the bar (it's the cheapest place in town for a drink), be a voyeur or find one (or more) men to have some fun with, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

Rob, Paris, France